Essential SEO Elements to Strengthen Your Blogging Efforts

Jan 2021

Essential SEO Elements to Strengthen Your Blogging EffortsWhile many people understand the basic concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most people don’t fully understand its potential impact or how easily it can be implemented into their current blogging efforts. If you haven’t already incorporated blogging into your marketing strategy, now is the time to start. 

When it comes to SEO, blogging is one of the easiest ways to start climbing the ranks on Google. Blogs that include strong keywords, and related photos and media will get recognized by search engines, boosting your website’s relevancy and providing an additional channel for organic web traffic. Blogs function as informative pieces of content for your audience and an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise on a topic. Despite blogs seeming like an easy win, it’s important to remember the goal should not be to pump out as many blogs as possible but to share meaningful posts that answer the queries real people are searching for. 

Choosing a Strong Blog Title

Choosing an effective blog title isn’t as simple as pursuing the right subject or showcasing strong writing skills. SEO is an important undercover element of blogging and optimizing your titles should be no exception. Blog titles should not only give a sneak peek into the topic you’re addressing, but they should also include relevant and “searchable” keywords. 

If you’re unsure what makes a strong keyword, put yourself in the shoes of your reader. What would they have googled to find your blog? For example, if you own a sneaker company and you’re writing a blog about the best athletic models this season, you may choose to title your blog “Best Athletic Sneakers in 2021”. While this title is simple, it accurately describes your blog, it includes keywords related to your industry, and it incorporates the year 2021, emphasizing to Google this is a relevant, timely post. 

Improving SEO with Internal Linking

Building a credible online presence is vital for high search rankings, making blogging and internal linking or “backlinking” through posts a crucial tactic. Backlinking to your previous blog articles or other resources on your website in your new blog posts is one of the best ways to improve your SEO and increase page views. Not only does keeping people on your site benefit your time on page metric, but it also proves your authority to Google. Even when links aren’t being clicked by visitors, they still work to boost SEO through increasing domain authority on the back end. 

Promoting Your Blog Across Social Channels

Cross-promoting content can be an easy, yet time-consuming SEO strategy. Luckily, when sharing longer-form resources like blogs, it’s easy to quickly parse out important key takeaways, requiring minimal effort. Not only is this a strong strategy in creating and recycling valuable content, but it also contributes positively to SEO efforts. 

The stronger the overall online presence, the more search engines will recognize you as a credible page to be recommended to others. Often overlooked when it comes to SEO, YouTube is an especially key tool as the second most popular search engine. Since it’s also owned by Google, posting on YouTube continues to build your online presence, proving to search engines you are a consistent voice across platforms. Again, while posting consistently is great for SEO, it’s important that the content is relevant and high quality.  If you’re not sure if your content passes the quality check, circle back to whether or not the post is helpful to your audience. 

In conclusion, it’s easy to take your blogging skills up a notch by making intentional, strategic choices regarding SEO. Learn about the value of SEO and opportunities to improve your ranking on Google.


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