3 Reasons to Implement Marketing Automation

Mar 2021

Marketing automation can be confusing when you’re not sure what it is or why you need it for your business. If you’ve experienced lower conversion rates or a drop-off in leads, marketing automation can help you improve these metrics. How? Through personalized messaging. 

Once you integrate an automation platform into your website, you begin collecting data about your customers, which helps you personalize messages based on their behavior. An added level of individualized interaction builds trust and guides them down the marketing funnel confidently. Here are 3 reasons to implement marketing automation for your business.

Build Relationships with Leads

Personalization is the key to marketing automation. The more you know about a lead, the more you can build relationships with them. By taking note of their interests, their place in the buying process, or interactions they’ve had with your website you get an understanding of their needs through the data you collect. This information can turn leads into long-term customers because you remain on their radar and keep the conversation going beyond visiting your website.

Speed Up Longer Conversion Cycles

Depending on your industry or business, you may have longer lead times with customers. Keeping their focus on you, and not your competitor, takes a lot of work. If you don’t stay on top of mind you risk losing your leads when it matters the most. With marketing automation, you can speed the process along by sending emails to influence leads in their decision-making phase. A nudge from your business during this time can make an impact on their choice or lead to the desired action!

Keeping People Engaged Through Nurturing

When someone interacts with your website, they create a trail of behavior that leads to an action or exit. Instead of cutting a loss after a lead has filled out a form or abandoned a shopping cart, marketing automation can help you maintain interest and guide a lead to do what you want. Whether it’s making a purchase or downloading an ebook, you can nurture leads to convince them to take action. And when you properly nurture your leads, you’ll also improve your conversion rates!


megaphone59% of consumers who experienced personalization say that it significantly influenced what they purchased.

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