How to Stay Connected to Your Industry Without Las Vegas Trade Shows

May 2020

Las Vegas is the nation’s top city for trade show events. It’s no secret that the massive cancellations of trade shows and events hit the B2B community hard. This sparkling oasis in the desert connected businesses from all over the world, including local businesses, for opportunities to grow in their respective industries.

Now, business owners are left wondering what they can do to stay connected to others in their industry while trade shows are on hiatus in Las Vegas. Many are focusing on social media to network and engage.

Here’s how your business can stay connected when trade shows aren’t an option.

Gain Traction on Facebook

As a business owner, you want to be the leading figure in your industry. Gain traction by positioning your business’ Facebook page as a source of knowledge and assistance. Think of your Facebook page as a booth at a trade show, and engage with your audience by responding to comments, answering questions, and conveying information about your company and your industry. The more you become a resource, the more others will engage with your page. Encourage them to keep you top of mind for industry information and future partnerships.

Get Attention on Twitter

Twitter is a platform that you can use to open conversations. Use this platform to connect with other businesses that may be interested in yours. Engage your audience on Twitter by retweeting news related to your industry or highlighting a partner’s tweets. Trade shows help educate your audience, so shift that focus into tweeting about how your offerings meet consumer needs, and use the tweets of others as research into what their potential needs are. Tweeting is a good tactic for expanding organic reach, driving traffic to your website, and generating interest in your business.

Grow Connections on LinkedIn

The best platform for B2B networking is Linkedin. Communicate with other business owners online and cultivate relationships through conversations and sharing information. LinkedIn allows you to search for businesses in your industry and form professional connections with other business owners. Use this platform to share information about your company, announce accolades or accomplishments, and post sources linked to your website to build credibility. You may also be inclined to join LinkedIn groups to network with others in your industry and exchange information.


megaphoneLinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content.

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