Event Support Through Digital Marketing | The Rolls Royce Cullinan Unveiling

May 2020

At KWSM, our skills and experience extend beyond digital marketing, and often, our digital work is part of a bigger marketing strategy. In 2018, we had the chance to collaborate with EPURI Energy Drinks and Rolls Royce OC for a once in a lifetime opportunity – the unveiling of Rolls Royce’s first SUV, The Cullinan.


Our Role

As the digital marketing team for EPURI Energy Drinks, it was our mission to extend the reach of the brand in the marketplace, reach new audiences, and increase brand awareness. EPURI differentiated themselves as a luxury option; an energy drink meant to be mixed into craft cocktails. The brand aimed to become the top energy drink for innovators, creators, and visionaries alike. 


We were approached by Rolls Royce to sponsor their unveiling event, where EPURI would be the featured “cocktail mixer” in partnership with Nolet Distillery. It was our responsibility to promote the EPURI brand to guests throughout the evening, as well as create ongoing marketing content for EPURI to use after the event.


Menu and Drink Design

Leading up to the event, we created signature cocktails for Rolls Royce using EPURI Energy Drinks. After coming up with the drink recipes and names, our team of designers created a menu for the event which was on display at each drink station. The menu materials needed to incorporate the theme of the night, The Cullinan, as well as highlight each partner involved. The menu cards we designed were printed and displayed for guests to enjoy. 



It was essential to capture the night’s festivities so that we could use the footage in future promotions and for social media, website and advertising content. During the event, KWSM’s videographer and field producer were there to make sure no highlight was missed. Our team documented not only the unveiling, but the atmosphere and guests’ reactions to EPURI products. We added the footage to our growing library of brand storytelling content.


From the event footage, our internal team created a short but powerful video which married the EPURI brand and tone with the vibe of the evening.


Social Promotion

While the event was exclusive to Rolls Royce customers and the limited guest list, it was our goal to make all EPURI fans feel like they were a part of the action. In addition to our video crew, two of our digital content team members attended the unveiling and captured the event from the inside out. These photos and videos were posted live on EPURI’s Instagram Stories, and were later shared on all platforms. Due to Rolls Royce’s brand reach, our tagging and networking of the live content got the EPURI brand in front of a new audience online, in addition to the event attendees who were discovering the energy drink for the first time.


Good storytelling is about showing, not telling. The EPURI story is that of an elevated energy drink, meant to be enjoyed at a big night out – elegant enough to be mixed with champagne and interesting enough to be appreciated by those who want the best. Event coverage like the unveiling of The Cullinan was a key part of our strategy. By introducing EPURI to an established brand’s audience, we were able to create more interest for a new brand that had just made a splashy entrance into the US market




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