How to Start Tweeting

Sep 2013

So you’ve got your Twitter account, but you’re not exactly sure what to do with it. Are tumbleweeds blowing through your account because you’re not sure how to get involved in this “tweeting” concept? Twitter is a great place to find information, but if you want people to interact with you, you’re going to have to not only follow others but also start tweeting on your own. Here’s our basic guide on how you can start tweeting.

Curate a voice: If you’re not sure what to tweet about, start off by using other people’s tweets to help build your voice. If you see a tweet you like, retweet it! Retweeting is reposting someone else’s tweet onto your own feed, and is a way to quickly share other tweets that you like. Or, you can reply to someone else’s tweet by hitting the “Reply” button and sharing your thoughts.

How to Retweet

Include others in your tweets: Ready to start writing your own tweets? Try “mentioning” other users in your tweets by adding a “@” sign before the username. Mentioning people will give you a chance spark up new conversations with other users. Since you’re directly talking to someone by mentioning them, you’ll have an easier time authoring your tweet because it will be more conversational.

Mentioning on Twitter

Use Twitter’s advanced features: Once you’ve gotten used to tweeting and interacting with other people, start using Twitter’s other features to find more people to follow and converse with. You can use lists to discover more relevant users, reach out directly and privately to people using direct messages, or “favorite” tweets to give kudos to users. You can also attach photos and links to your tweets o make them more engaging.

Easy, right? Remember, truly engaging with others is the best way to build a following on Twitter, so start tweeting!

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