How to Get an Instagram Account

Sep 2013

With over 150 million users and a constantly growing user-base, Instagram is a social media channel in which you should consider using to showcase your business.  Instagram is a solely visual platform where users share and interact with photos posted to their accounts.  They are also able to seek out photos and interactions based on content and the specific users posting to the site. Here’s how to join Instagram and begin taking advantage of this platform: 


Although you are able to interact on Instagram through the website, the majority of Instagramming happens via the Smartphone App. If you’ve got an IPhone or IPad, you will want to download the Instagram App from the App Store. If you’ve got an Android device, you can download it on Google Play.


Next, type in “Instagram” in the search box and you will see this screen pop up. There will be a green button that says “Install” (in this example, the button says “Update” because the App is already installed). Tap the button to begin installation.


After the App has installed, it will show up among your other Apps. The icon is a vintage style camera. Be sure to move the app to a location that is easy to get to as you are going to want to use it often to update and interact with your customers.


After tapping on your newly-installed App, you will be taken to the Instagram home screen. Once there, tap the “Register” tab.




From there you will be taken to the registration screen. You will need to choose a username for your account. Be sure to make it relevant to your business, if not your business name. You will then add a profile photo or logo to represent your business. If you’ve already got a Twitter account, it’s best to use the same profile photo to have branding consistency throughout your channels. You should also add a short bio of your company and a link to your website. If you have a complete Facebook page, you can link the information from your site to your Instagram by tapping (“Use Your Facebook Info”)




After you’ve completed registration, you are ready to start Instagramming! Over 150 million potential customers are awaiting your photos- so get to it!




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