How to Show Appreciation For Clients Beyond the Holiday Season

Nov 2017
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‘Tis the season for giving, right? Tomorrow, families all around America will sit around the table and share what they’re thankful for. This season also brings about personalized cards to clients and sales to show, ‘just how thankful we are for our loyal customers.” Although, this got us thinking….


Appreciation doesn’t have to only come around the holidays. Your customers and clients contribute to your business every day. They help you grow, provide for your employees and they believe in your business. Surely they deserve more gratitude than once or twice a year. So let’s give it to them.


We’re giving you 3 ideas on how to make your customers feel appreciated all year round.


Brighten Up Their Day

Joy is one of the best presents out there. So the next time you see a funny meme, gif or cat-related YouTube video, go ahead and send it to a client. If you have a larger customer base you want to send it to, consider sending out personalized emails with the subject line, “We thought you might enjoy the laugh” or “Just a little something to brighten your day.” You’ll surely stand out as a brand and they’ll appreciate that you were thinking of them.


Invite them to Your Shindigs

Having a company anniversary, Holiday party or product launch? Invite your customers and clients. You don’t have to invite them to every event, but showing them that you want them present during your celebration can give them a special feeling. Also, having them mix and mingle with your employees in a more relaxed setting helps to humanize your brand, which builds your relationship.

Appreciation isn’t seasonal! Showing customers you care can set your brand apart in your industry. Share on X

Send them a Personalized Gift

No, you don’t need to have their name engraved on a set of pencils…think deeper. What type of wine did they order during your business lunch? Are they often munching on sweets? Have they mentioned drinking three cups of coffee during your calls? Think about what they will really enjoy and send them a small token of your appreciation. Thoughtfulness is worth more than the price tag.


Don’t worry retail brands, you can send gifts too! Do a little research on one of your most popular accessories and include it in your customers’ order. You don’t have to announce that you’re doing this—just do it and allow them to enjoy the fun surprise.


You can do any or all of these this Thanksgiving, but just remember, appreciation isn’t seasonal. Showing your customers that you listen, you care and you appreciate them can be just the thing that sets your brand apart in a very competitive market.



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