How to See What Triggers Profile Views on LinkedIn

Oct 2014
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Have you ever wondered what causes your LinkedIn profile views to spike or plummet? In the past, LinkedIn would let users know how many people viewed their profiles, but the motivating factors behind each click remained relatively unknown.

Fortunately, LinkedIn is doing away with that mystery in their latest update. The social media giant has pushed through some changes to its analytics, allowing users to see what behaviors have directly impacted the amount of traction their profiles are getting online. Now, any views resulting from the addition of new connections, joining a group, updating profile information and endorsing connections are accounted for under the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section of the dashboard.

With this update, the site’s users will see a linear graph measuring Profile Views stacked above a bar graph measuring Actions Taken. When the cursor hovers over any part of the chart, it will highlight the respective week with details about key activities. Broken down to the right of the chart, users will see the number of view their profile received, the quantity of actions you took for the week and what those actions were.

So, what are the biggest benefits offered to LinkedIn users from this change? According to LinkedIn’s announcement:

Layering who is looking at your profile over the actions you have taken lets you focus on the actions that are most relevant to your professional goals, maximizing the engagement your profile receives. In turn, this increased engagement can lead to more opportunities for you.


So, for example, if you are trying to attract new clients or business leads, you can see how many potential partners looked at your profile after you joined an important industry group. Or, if you’re looking for a new job, you can look at your insights graph to see whether adding a skill to your profile or endorsing a peer gave you a bigger bump in views by recruiters.

Members with a Premium account are offered details for who has viewed their profiles over the last 90 days, whereas members with a free “Basic” account only get to see the last five people. Although a general overview is available for everybody, specific details are reserved for users who have upgraded to a Premium account. However, the information offered from the Basic option offers enough insight for most users.

Regardless of how people find you, it is important to give viewers valuable content to absorb upon arrival. Put your best foot forward on LinkedIn with a complete profile that includes a recent picture of yourself, then get to work building relationships with your new connections!

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