How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Gain Followers

Aug 2020

Instagram is one of the most important platforms that you can have as a business. If you’re not using your Instagram to its full potential, you could be missing out on prime opportunities to connect with your current fans or gain new ones.

Ensure that you are taking full advantage of social media’s capabilities by following a marketing plan specific for each channel.


If you’re struggling to get followers on Instagram, we have compiled a list of steps you can take to begin optimizing your profile to gain followers:

Improve Your Bio

When people find your business’ Instagram profile, the first thing they look at is your bio. This is where you can describe your business and offerings. An equally important element is your bio link. Remember, Instagram is a predominantly mobile platform, so optimize your link to take visitors to a mobile-friendly landing page. Get your followers’ attention with an offer, and use your bio to drive conversions at the same time.

Use Stories and Highlights

Along with traditional posting in the feed, be sure to use Instagram Stories and Highlights. Posts in Stories only last 24 hours, but the Stories feed is located at the top of the Instagram app, meaning these posts have a better chance of being seen. Consider resharing your post there or creating something new. Then, use Highlights to catalog posts, so they can still be seen after the 24 hours has passed. Highlights appear in your bio and allow new followers to see your Stories content even if they didn’t catch the post initially, which may increase your chances of gaining new followers.

Build Partnerships

Instagram is the ideal platform for collaboration. This platform is built on relationships, and if you want to expose your product or service to a wider audience, you may consider connecting with an influencer. If it fits your business’ model, partnering with an influencer can give you more reach with your desired target audience. Some influencers will help promote your company in exchange for free products or services, others expect to be paid for the content they create about your brand.


megaphone80% of businesses consider Instagram engagement as the most important metric.

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