How To Make Your Website Stand Out

Jan 2021

Having a clean website can play such a huge part in your conversion rate each month. We want our websites to provide good information about the services or products we offer, but we must execute a few easy design practices to ensure that consumers are pleased with the way we are presenting information to them as well. 

When creating a website, it is good to take a step back and look at the site as if you were looking to purchase your goods and/or services. Here are a few ways you can improve your website from a design standpoint. 

Aligning Text

Sometimes the most simple detail can be what ruins the flow of a web page. Aligning the text on a page or the placement of a CTA button will make a huge impact on how your landing page resonates with consumers. A page that is not aligned could risk being seen as chaotic and hard to follow, so always keep your character counts the same in similar sections of your website.

Complementary Color Schemes

Always keep your brand’s colors in mind when creating your website. You should use colors that complement your brand, and be sure that no color overpowers another. When you are creating your website, do not be afraid to test different color combinations. You may be surprised to find colors that you were against actually look very well together.

Whitespace is OK

While it is important to get as much information about your brand as possible on your website, you have to remember that whitespace makes a site more appealing to look at. You can accomplish getting all of the information needed onto your site without filling up every square inch of the page. If you find an area of your site that seems to be jam-packed with information, think about creating a new page dedicated to this topic. If you feel the topic does not need its very own page, try to be more concise in your wording to create some whitespace.

Following these easy design suggestions will make your website more aesthetically pleasing and help keep bounce rates down. Lower bounce rates will hopefully increase conversion rates! Once you have the aesthetics down, maybe it is time to look at ways SEO keywords could help drive traffic to your website. 

A bounce rate of 70% or more could mean something is not right with the way your website looks.

Are you concerned with your bounce rates, but not sure what do to? Having an experienced web design and marketing team like KWSM on your side is the first step to creating a website with lower bounce rates.

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