How To Make Time for Social Media

Apr 2015
Photo Credit: @lauraklark
Photo Credit: @lauraklark

One of the biggest reasons that small business owners say they avoid social media is the belief that they just don’t have the time. We know you’re busy, but social media won’t (and shouldn’t) take up all of your time. Embracing social media is an important part of business marketing and there’s no reason to fear it. Here are a few ways to make room in your schedule for social media.

Schedule Social Media Time

The easiest way to make time for social media is to sit down and look at your daily schedule. Decide what time of day allows the most flexibility and make that your designated social media time. If early mornings work best, schedule 8am social media time on your daily calendar. If you usually take a coffee break in the early afternoon, squeeze your social media time in there. Choose a time that will be most convenient every day.

Limit Your Social Media Time

Just as important as scheduling time for social media is to limit your time on social networks. It’s easy to get carried away when posting and browsing through Facebook or Instagram. To make sure you don’t lose half of your day to social media, set yourself a timer. You should spend no more than 15 to 20 minutes a day on social media for your business. If 8am is your scheduled daily social media time, set an alarm or timer 8:15am or 8:20am. Any longer than that and you will start to feel that social media takes up too much time.

Bank Content Ahead Of Time

The secret to limiting time spent on social media is to stock up on content for posting ahead of time. Set aside an hour or two once a month to gather as much content as you can to post on social media. Save any photos you’ve taken, find relative articles to post, and compile a document of short posts you’ve written. Posting content will take no more than a few minutes if you have a stockpile. This allows more time for social networking. Remember, you only have 15 to 20 minutes.

Avoid Unnecessary Social Media Platforms

Every business is unique and so are their social media needs. Not every social media channel will be a benefit to your business. Find out which channel can best aid you in reaching your target audience. Are you trying to reach business professionals? LinkedIn would be a beneficial channel for you. If you are trying to reach fashion bloggers, Instagram will provide you with the best space for that. Decide which channels will work best for your business and focus only on those.

Stick To Your Schedule

Including a daily task in your schedule is easier said than done. Think of your scheduled social media time as a daily commitment instead of a suggestion. You have to approach social media as a valuable investment of your time. Treat your scheduled social media time as you would a client meeting. Sticking to a strict schedule will help to make the habit stick.

More business owners are beginning to realize the importance of a social media presence. The trick is to not let it intimidate you. Social media is a great way to reach your target audience on a personal level. Just 15 to 20 minutes a day can open up a whole new area of marketing.

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