How to Invite Facebook Friends to “Like” Your Company Page

Apr 2017

So you’ve started a Facebook company page. Great!

You’ve taken the first step towards marketing yourself, and your business, online. Facebook is by far the most popular social media channel with roughly 1.8 billion monthly users worldwide, making it the first choice for most professionals looking to begin promoting their company.

Once you’ve set up your Facebook company page, you’ll be looking to grow your following and start telling your story. Inviting your Facebook friends to “like” your company can get the ball rolling and act as a launching pad for growing your audience.

Follow this simple “How To” to invite your friends and start growing your audience today.

Start by adding more friends

If you don’t have many Facebook friends on your personal account, you may want to start by growing your connections and adding more contacts to your own personal account. With Facebook’s Find Friends tool, you can easily invite email contacts to connect on Facebook, later inviting them to “like” your company page.

To use the “Find Friends” tool, navigate to your personal Facebook wall. Select the Friends section on the top tool bar.

Next, select +Find Friends on the right-hand side.

From here you can add personal contacts by submitting your email information and inviting your contacts to connect.

Growing Your Facebook page following

Once you’ve connected with other Facebook users, you can easily invite your Facebook friends to like your company page and grow your audience.

PRO TIP: Don’t invite all of your contacts to like your page. You should only invite Facebook friends who will have an interest in the content you are posting, fit your target demographic, or are current/potential clients. You want to be growing an engaged, authentic audience who will truly, “buy what you are selling.” No pun intended.

To invite your Facebook friends to the page, navigate to your company’s Facebook page. Click the “…” (Yep, those three little dots!) tab under your company’s cover photo, then click Invite Friends.

Here, you can invite friends, search for contacts, and manage your invites and who has liked the page.

PRO TIP: Take it slow. Don’t invite too many friends at once due to Facebook’s restrictions. Try to keep your invites to less than 100 a day.  

As you continue to add friends on your personal account, you may find that you have new Facebook friends that you feel would be interested in your company page. You can check back every few months and invite any new friends to like your page using the same Invite Friends function.

These Facebook tools make it easy to add personal connections and invite friends to like your page, but this isn’t the only way to grow an authentic community on Facebook. You can build lasting connections by understanding your audience and humanizing your brand. Find out how with our latest blog post here.

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