How To Improve Open Rates in Email Marketing

Nov 2020

how_to_improve_email_open_rateYou’ve spent lots of time and effort crafting the perfect email campaigns. You designed them well, wrote compelling copy, and placed buttons in all the right places. Now, why aren’t people opening your email? Low open rates on email can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to turn the tide and increase the effectiveness of your emails.  Here’s how to improve open rates in email marketing.

Improve Your Subject Lines 

Subject lines are your contact’s first touchpoint with your email. If they are poorly constructed, you are hurting your email’s performance before people even get to see it. Many email platforms offer real-time tips for crafting your subject lines – giving suggestions on character counts, punctuation, and emoji usage. Listen to these best practices to make sure you’re optimizing for success. Subject lines should be attention-grabbing and interesting, without misleading your audience. If you’re unsure how to craft one, head to your personal inbox and start reading. See which companies have subject lines that catch your attention and pull inspiration from them.

Check For Spam Filters

One of the biggest negative impacts on email open rates comes from spam filters. If you aren’t careful about how you build and send your emails, you may unintentionally be getting sent to spam. Some email platforms are notorious for poor spam filtering, so it is important that you are taking all the steps you can to avoid these triggers. Hubspot offers an extensive list of email spam triggers to avoid in your subject lines. Some other possible weak spots for spam may come from poorly coded email templates, broken links in your email, or too many past spam reports. Working to solve these problems can drastically improve your open rate.

Personalize Your Message

Do you take advantage of personalization in your emails? Most platforms offer options to include contact personalization in your “To” message, your subject line, and in the body of the email itself. Utilizing these tools helps boost your credibility in the mail provider’s algorithms – pushing you to the correct inbox – and makes the recipient more likely to open your message. As a consumer, seeing your name in a subject line helps make the email feel more personable and often leads to higher open rates.


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