How to Get More Pinterest Followers

Aug 2013
getting more pinterest followers
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Pinterest is a great way to engage users and drive traffic back to your website. Having a lot of Pinterest followers is beneficial because your followers can help to repin your content and increase your visibility and refer traffic back to your website. Here are three things that you can do to start getting more Pinterest followers so you can better market your brand on the platform.

Install a Pinterest button on your website: If you get a lot of traffic to your website, why not convert this audience into Pinterest followers? Install a Pinterest button on a visible area of your website using Pinterest’s widget builder. Since you already have visitors on you website, let them know that you have a Pinterest presence too in order to encourage them to visit, follow and start repinning your pins.

Share other pins: Of course you should be pinning content that leads back to your website (pictures, blog posts, anything!), but remember that you should also be sharing other people’s pins, too. Pinning other people’s content adds variety to your pins, and it also helps to lead people back to your Pinterest. When you share often, you appear more frequently on people’s Pinterest streams, which catches their attention and draws them to follow you back. Also, exploring and sharing other people’s pins is fun! Who knows what kind of inspiration you can draw from other people’s pins?

Comment on pins: Pinning and repinning gets people’s attention, but if you want to truly catch someone’s eyes, start commenting on pins. Take time to examine pins and to write something meaningful under the ones that speak to you. Show people that you actually care about the pin, and avoid writing one-worded comments like “Awesome!” or “Neat!”. It’s easy to repin someone’s content, but it takes work and time to write a comment. This effort won’t go unnoticed; contributing a thoughtful comment will help the owner of the pin and other pinners to see you among the thousands of other people on Pinterest.

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