How Orange County Businesses Can Communicate Safety Protocols in the Workplace

Jun 2020

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released new guidelines for employers to practice COVID-19 control and prevention when employees return to work. As our community reopens, Orange County businesses should read these guidelines and communicate changes and new protocols with their employees. We’ve shared a few tips on how to help make this transition back into the office less stressful on your employees:

Create a Plan

In OSHA’s new guidelines, it recommends that employers perform a hazard assessment. You should evaluate the workplace and determine which tasks will involve occupational exposure. From this assessment, you can create a plan for how employees can safely perform their jobs around the workplace. Once that plan is in place, you will need to strategize how to communicate these changes and train employees on new protocols. 

Communicate Frequently

In order to ensure that employees are able to fully understand new protocols, it may be best for you to utilize online resources to communicate with workers. Sending out weekly updates via email, newsletter, or even on your team’s Facebook group can help keep employees informed as guidelines change and new updates are made. 

You can also help your employees during this transition by creating a survey, such as a Google Form, to get a better idea of what their questions or concerns are as they return to work. You can then address and answer these questions when communicating with your team. 

Provide Resources

When communicating with your employees, it may be helpful to share any articles or other resources that they may find useful outside of your new workplace protocols. This may include information regarding CDC updates, sick leave, child services, or other resources that employees may find useful during this time. 


As an Orange County business owner, communication with both your employees and your customers/clients is essential during this time. Not sure where to start? Creating a digital marketing strategy may be your first step in getting reconnected.  


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