How to Catch More Clicks with Your Headline

Aug 2020

Headlines set the tone for the rest of your company’s copy. They can be used as the subject line of an email,  the beginning of a press release or the first line of a blog post. In this blog, we’ll talk about a few ways to draw readers attention and motivate them to continue reading your marketing copy. 

Be Clear, Valuable and Honest

The easiest way to encourage people to open your email, newsletter or media alert is to ensure the headline accurately reflects the content within your copy. If  your company has a reputation for creating headlines that don’t match  the contents of your writing, you will quickly be seen as less credible and could lose readers or customers in the future. These types of headlines are called “click-bait” and can lead to higher bounce rates over time.

Being direct in your headline and offering something of value to your readers is a great way to increase engagement. You know your customers best, so think about what they may be looking for from your company, tease it in your headline and follow through in the rest of your materials. If you can build a reputation as a value providing company, you’ll always have increased engagement. 

Ask a Question

No, I don’t mean “is the sky blue?” You want your question to not be too obvious but also to draw customers and readers in. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about a question they may not know the answer to and how your company can answer it and provide more information. If you can create a sense of reflection and encourage your readers to pause with your headline, you’re almost guaranteed that they will click to learn more.

Be Unique

Try and take a bit of creative liberty with your headlines. This really is the best time to add some fun language to your marketing copy as you are trying to hook your readers and get them to dig deeper into your channels. With such a large number of headlines coming at  us daily, breaking through the monotony and standing out is a great way to catch attention. 

While you want to be creative and unique with your headline, remember that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also important. Be sure to include frequently searched keywords that relate to your business in your headlines and don’t get too fluffy in your word choice – this is all about balance. 

Well written headlines can be the differentiator between a potential customer or client opening your email or visiting your website. These first few seconds are some of the most important in your digital marketing copy so be sure to keep these tips in mind – and above all – keep your audience’s wants and needs at the forefront of your writing. 

megaphoneOn average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your copy. 

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