How to Use Content Marketing to Promote Your Beauty Brand

Aug 2020

Beauty brands are using social media to their advantage by showcasing their products to get brand awareness and conversions. However, without a strong marketing strategy, beauty brands may not see their efforts deliver the results they desire.

When it comes to promoting your beauty brand, ensure that you’re delivering valuable content to get your target audiences’ attention and business. Below we list four marketing ideas to get you started:

Create Product Tutorials 

When purchasing beauty products online, customers only see what is on your website and may continue their research on social media. Bring your products to life by creating tutorial content on your social channels. Tutorials are a great way to show what a product looks like when applied and demonstrates how it is used. Consider using content like “how-to” videos, or sharing other creative ways that your beauty brand’s products can be used.

Build A Subscriber List

Use content marketing to send out special offers or engaging content to your existing and potential customers. You can build a subscriber list with a pop-up on your website, or with a loyalty program. Entice interested customers with a special offer for subscribing! Once they’re on your list, continue promoting your brand to them by sharing exclusive information, tips, and content they’ll love.

Go Live on Social Media

Interact with your audience in real-time by going live on social media. Video content is highly engaging and a great way to grab attention and spread awareness. Consider sharing company or product news, new product unboxings, or hosting a live Q&A session for your audience. You might also want to save live videos to use at a later time in future content.

Ask for Feedback

If you want to learn about your audience, use interactive content as a way to get feedback. Social platforms offer different alternatives, so use those resources, as well as your website, to gather information. Think of fun, interactive content like quizzes, pop-up surveys, or polls. You can also ask for feedback on campaigns. You don’t have to wait until a campaign is over to tweak it. Let your audience dictate your adjustments.


megaphone77% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy. 

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