How to Access Facebook Messenger’s Secret Feature

Mar 2019
Photo by 9 to 5 Mac’s Chance Miller

Facebook Messenger has a secret feature, and we have the code to access it, Instagram’s new Checkout feature will speed up your shopping process in-app, and Snapchat is going to be adding a gaming platform soon. This week’s trending stories will make your time on social more entertaining, less stressful on the eye, and more expensive.



Snap, Share, Game

In a report by Cheddar, Snapchat is planning to launch an in-app gaming platform as early as April 2019. The program has already been coded internally under the name “Project Cognac” and is rumored to feature games from outside developers. The official announcement is expected to be revealed at the company’s first summit for content and developer partners, held April 4th, 2019.


Earlier in the year, Snapchat acquired a small Australian gaming studio called Prettygreat, as well as invested into the popular mobile games “Fruit Ninja” and “Jetpack Joyride.” The prospective games could be a point of revenue for Snapchat, either through in-app purchases or through advertising.


Instagram Introduces Checkout


Speaking of in-app purchase, Instagram just released its newest feature: Checkout. Previously, Instagram had added a price tag feature in images that users could click on to see the price. They would then be directed to the product on the brand’s website. With Checkout, as soon as you click on the price tag, you can select from options such as color and size and will be prompted to pay without ever leaving Instagram. When you use the feature for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your card number and shipping info, which will then be saved to the app for future purchases. Instagram will also track your shipments, sending your updates in Direct Messages.


Impulse shoppers, beware.


Facebook has a New Secret Feature and Here is the Code to Get It


Facebook Messenger users started noticing an option to toggle to “dark mode” a few weeks ago, and now the feature is available to everyone. Dark mode might sound suspicious, but this is nothing more than an option to make it easier on your eyes as you wind down in the evening.


To toggle dark mode on, send a message to someone in your contact list (or yourself) with only the left facing moon crescent (for clarification, not the one with the face!) After that, multiple moons will float onto your screen like confetti, and you’ll get a notification that says “You’ve Found Dark Mode!” Upon clicking to see it in setting, you can toggle the feature on and off.


Wax on, wax off…. If you will.

Did you know: About 80 percent of American adults report using digital devices for more than two hours per day, and 59 percent report experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain.

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