How is Google Analytics Used in Digital Marketing?

Jan 2021

Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools in digital marketing. If your business has a website or an online presence, this tool allows you to get insight into valuable information about your audience. 

Additionally, pairing a strong digital marketing plan with Google Analytics will help you gather data that can help you achieve your overall business goals. But first, you need to know what to look at. Below we’ve listed several ways you can use this digital marketing tool for your business.

Identify Website Traffic

If you’re spending time posting on social media or sending emails to your audience, it’s critical to know that your efforts are working. Google Analytics gives you the ability to track what channels your traffic is coming from. You can save time and energy by redirecting efforts to channels that produce the most traffic. Here are a few examples of these channels: 

  • Social
  • Organic
  • Email
  • Paid Search
  • Referrals

Optimize Site Content

You can identify what information is valuable to your audience by looking at the top pages in Google Analytics. Take note of the top pages with a long average session duration as it means users are taking the time to absorb information from that page. This is useful to know so you can ensure that a particular page is optimized to best educate your audience and others seeking the same content.

Monitor Audience Behavior

Another great feature in Google Analytics is the behavior flow chart. This smart tool displays the pattern of action users take on your website. You can analyze their paths or flow, starting from landing pages, and see which pages people exit out of the most. Knowing where the most drop-offs occur gives you insight into where you have room to improve. Are you missing key information? Do you need a call-to-action? Aim to keep people searching for more.

Measure Campaign Goals

If you plan to run a marketing campaign for your business, the most vital aspect is to ensure that campaign is successful. To do that, you must have goals to work towards or accomplish. The best way to know how effective your online efforts are is with Google Analytics. This marketing tool can measure your campaign goals whether it’s monitoring ads, tracking conversions, or counting form fills on your website. Need we say more?

megaphone54.9% of all websites use Google Analytics as a marketing tool.

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