How Do You Nurture Online Leads?

Feb 2021

Building relationships with your prospects and current customers is the key to nurture online leads and close your sale.  Whether you focus on professional services or have a product-driven business, it’s crucial to stay connected with these consumers. This process is known as lead nurturing. Through multiple touchpoints, lead nurturing strategies help you reinforce your relationship with your buyers no matter where they are in the sales funnel.

Benefits of a Lead Nurturing Strategy

As prospective buyers learn about your business, it’s your job to help address their biggest pain points and convince them to partner with you. Developing a lead nurturing process that works with current marketing efforts can help you do just that. Brands that use these strategies generate 50% more sales-ready customers at a 33% percent lower cost. Adopting a nurturing process also helps you improve the quality of your leads and cuts down the time it takes to make your sale. 

Tactics to Nurture Online Leads

The most effective ways to build relationships with your customers is through email marketing, retargeting ads, and social media.

Email Marketing

To start a successful email marketing campaign,  you need a variety of options including newsletters, email blasts, and email drips. The goal of all of these pieces of content is to drive traffic back to your website, create a community within your target audience, and boost your credibility in your industry.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads can be completed in a variety of ways to reconnect with your audience. A low-cost option can be done through social media channels like Facebook. Creating effective Facebook ads, and those on other social platforms, help you re-engage customers that have interacted with your website or your social channels and make your brand top of mind.

Social Media

In addition to running ads, businesses should use social media channels to create targeted content for prospects at every step of their buying journey. Sharing your brand’s story, client testimonials, and even promotions are great ways to utilize the audiences you’ve already built on these platforms. 

Nurturing leads is crucial to the success of your business. Spending time developing relationships with your customers helps you build brand loyalty and shortens your sales process. In order to reap these benefits, your strategy must consistently address your customer’s biggest concerns and provide a permanent solution.

47% of consumers involved in a nurturing process make larger purchases.

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