How Do I Gain Followers on Social Media?

Sep 2019

footprints in the sandYou may not be hooked yet, but if you look around, do you notice how digital-savvy our world has become?  Some feel that their social status is tied to how big their social media network is. For businesses, growing your following on social channels is important for a variety of reasons.  Some go about it authentically, like networking with like-minded individuals. These brands gain their followers organically.  However, others pay for their audience, and those businesses may get burned in the long run. If your business is wanting to grow a community, we have some tips for building an authentic base. 


Know Your Audience 

Are you a retail company that sells skincare products? Or are you a company that sells your services such as a real estate company? Based on what your answer is, you will want to follow others that have the same interest in your industry. If they are interested and see that you have a good reputation in your industry, they will be more likely to follow you back and remain a loyal follower. It’s important to identify and understand your audience because once you feel confident, you can create audience-specific content that will satisfy what they are looking for and their interests.


Show Your Personality

Your audience wants to follow a company that is interactive and makes an effort to treat them like they are special. When they comment on your post, you want to make sure that you like their comment and reply back addressing their name. Keep things personable. In addition to being responsive, make the conversation a two-way dialogue. You also need to interact with what they post as well. It is all about creating a relationship with your audience and staying true to the personality set forth by your brand.


Stay Consistent

When people decide whether to follow you or not, they not only look at the content you are posting but also the aesthetic and flow of your posts. If you are using different fonts, filters, etc. you will confuse your audience. Your audience followed you for a reason.  Stay consistent, and when they return to your channels, your content will look familiar to them.


Share Your Insights 

People are thirsty for knowledge. If you are sharing your expertise and providing valuable information, this makes you attractive to audiences.  People want to get value out of their social media experience. By implementing new practices and approaching the industry in a unique way, you will inspire your audience to try some of your ideas. In turn, they will remember your brand as the one who began it all and seek your wisdom in the future.


71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.


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