Hacking the Hackers | Social Media Help Desk Episode 75

Sep 2019

A change is going to come – how will it affect the way you use these social media tools? This week on the Social Media Help Desk, host Alexandra Hall, and guests Layla Lameijer and Kayson Martin, are discussing some of the notable changes to Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram! They’re then jumping into this week’s main topics featuring tips for gaining social media followers and protecting your website against hackers. 


“Let Me Check My Schedule” (00:00-09:37)


The long-awaited Instagram scheduling tool is here – but is this automated tool going to take away from the “authentic” way brands interact on the platform? Our panel is discussing this new update along with other news on a LinkedIn roll out that will bring credibility to your listed skills, and updates to a Pinterest tool you may already know and love. 


You Know What They Say – Followers Don’t Grow on Trees (09:37-18:10)


Kayson is then sharing her advice for brand owners on how to grow your social media following organically. The number of followers is a vanity number but is still an important metric for business owners to recognize and understand who they are reaching with their posts. Kayson is sharing her tips that you can begin to implement right away and start seeing results. 


Security Alert (18:10-26:36)


Is your website vulnerable to an attack? WordPress has recently released a notification to site owners about possible ways hackers could be getting into your website and private data. Layla is sharing some notes on the memo, pointing out the key takeaways, and giving you some tips for what you can do to stay protected. 


Half of all cyber-attacks are targeted at small business.

If your website is out of date or does not have the proper protocols in place, you could be at risk.

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