How Can Video Marketing Improve My Website Experience?

Jul 2023

Video marketing is everywhere. If you are a business owner looking to embrace digital marketing services, it may feel like video is inevitable. Every high-caliber business seems to be embracing some form of video content, whether it be long-form videos on their website, or short-form videos on social media. You may be wondering “Is it worth it to pursue video content as a part of my digital marketing strategy for my website?”

At KWSM, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of video media. We have seen firsthand how our clients’ businesses and leads grow exponentially when potential customers are presented with engaging and informative video content. As a content creator and copywriter, my goal when creating video content for our clients is to tailor the video and the medium to the right audience at the right time.

If you are still wondering if video content is the right move for your business, read below on how video can enhance your website experience for users.

How Can Video Marketing Improve My Website Experience?

The goal of your website is to provide your users with the information they need so that they feel confident purchasing your products or services. Videos are powerful tools that accomplish this in multiple ways. Some ways that videos improve your website experience is by:

Greater Engagement

Video content keeps users engaged and keeps them on your page longer. Users who remain on your page are more likely to follow through with purchasing decisions. According to Forbes, video content gets exponentially more engagement and generates more leads than still photos – often 12x greater.

“Videos keep people engaged much longer than static content since video tends to be a faster way to consume information,” says Madeleine Wood, Website Designer for KWSM. “Visitors to your website are more likely to stay on a web page longer when quality video content is featured there. This in turn helps build more trust between the person and your brand.”

Videos are powerhouse tools that can reach out to bigger audiences than text and images ever could.

Dynamic User Experience

A great video that is well-shot and well-paced will help users enjoy your website’s visuals and have a favorable browsing experience. Users are more likely to retain information in video format than through text, increasing engagement with your site even after they’ve logged off. Videos make your website both beautiful and interactive, enhancing user experience.

Distributing Helpful Information

Some information is better conveyed through visuals rather than text. Videos can help clarify complicated processes, demonstrate product usage, or provide tutorials. This helps users understand your offerings more comprehensively and increases their confidence in making a purchasing decision.

Building Brand Trust

Many users are more likely to trust that a business is legitimate when they can see the face and hear the voice behind the person offering products or services. Videos let your customers know that they are working with real people, helping you to connect on a deeper level with your audience.

Establish Brand Voice

Videos can help build your brand voice and present it to your ideal audience. 

Is your business knowledgeable, compassionate, quirky, or sophisticated? Establish your brand voice with an informative talking-heads video, demonstrate your knowledge with a walkthrough, or have fun with your potential customers with an entertaining promotional. 

There is no limit to the creativity of videos. Videos can present emotional storytelling, give a behind-the-scenes look, provide customers with case studies, and can add a personal touch to your website.

Case Study: Logistics Company Sees Exponential Growth Due to Web Page Videos

KWSM had a client in the logistics industry who served customers across the United States. They ran a campaign that would gather the most outlandish shipping and fulfillment stories from eCommerce sellers nationwide.

To effectively convey the experiences of small business owners overwhelmed by incoming and outgoing orders, we produced a series of comedic videos. On the website, we incorporated these videos into the campaign landing page and weekly blog posts. 

These videos resulted in increased form fills, increased engagement, and increased website traffic by as much as 3,000% from across social media channels. Read more about this video campaign here.

How KWSM: a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help With Your Video Marketing Strategy

By leveraging video marketing on your website, you can improve user engagement, convey your message effectively, increase conversion rates, and enhance your overall brand experience, leading to greater success for your business.

The team at KWSM can help you through every step of the video marketing process, from strategy to video scripting, shooting, editing, and optimizing for your website. Let us take care of the process from beginning to end and bring your website to life.

If you want to learn more about our video and website services, complete the contact form below. The KWSM team will reach out to start a conversation about your goals.

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