Guide to Social Media Marketing for Las Vegas Hotels

Oct 2020

In a city built on tourism, Las Vegas frequently has visitors flocking to the city for a quick getaway. With so many hotel options, it can be difficult to ensure that travelers choose your establishment to enjoy their vacation. Social media marketing can be a great way to connect with your potential customers and encourage them to plan their itinerary around your property’s offerings. Here’s how you can utilize the top channels to bring tourists in.


A Facebook business page is a great way to personally connect with people who are truly interested in your business. It’s an all-in-one space your hotel can use to provide customers everything they need for their trip. Use chat features as your main customer service option to answer questions, make suggestions, and resolve problems. Add booking options to restaurant reservations, cabana rentals, and spa services right on the page. An offer section is also a great tab to add to your menu that provides users with a quick glance at new deals. Don’t forget to also stock your feed with enticing photos of your property. Showcase all of your amenities, user-generated content, and fun facts about Las Vegas.


Because of its visual design, Instagram is a unique platform that can help you reach your potential Las Vegas visitors. On this channel, you want to focus on uploading the best images to your feed that tell customers what their experience will be like at your hotel. Instead of using a typical billboard image to showcase a restaurant, try a unique angle of the bar, or introduce a new plate or drink. Upload short room tour clips to entice visitors to book that specific room. Since people love talking about their vacations, user-generated content can be a great resource on this channel. Add a branded hashtag to your bio and encourage visitors to post their photos with the hashtag. Then, you can choose the best content to reshare on your feed. 


When you think about promoting your Las Vegas hotel, you want to also consider Pinterest. Online users spend hours building dream boards and searching for inspiration for future getaways. By showing off the best parts of your property, you can easily land on one of these boards and gain a new reservation. To make the most out of your channel, create boards with specific intentions or base them on popular Pinterest trends. These could include suites, food and beverage, poolside options, and even some user-generated content of tourists’ experiences. Are you a pet-friendly establishment? Don’t forget to add a board specifically for those animal parents. Additionally, Pinterest allows you to add a website link to each photo, simplifying the process for potential visitors to learn more about visiting your hotel. 

No matter which social media channel you chose to include in your Las Vegas digital marketing strategy, ensure that all of your content aligns with your overall business goals. If your goal is to increase room bookings, focus on showcasing elements of your rooms. If you’re looking to bring more visitors into your spa, show potential customers what they can look forward to. The posts on your channels should work together to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.


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