Growing Groups | Social Media Help Desk Episode #41

Dec 2018

Have you ever said to someone, just voice memo me? Well, Instagram wants you to start! This week, KWSM President Katie Wagner is hosting the Social Media Help Desk in Atlanta where Content Editors Adam Greene and Kim Elliot are breaking down the newest changes coming to Facebook and Instagram, the importance of Facebook groups, and the top trends for social media in 2019.


Sometimes, on social media, we just have to wait and see if the newest updates will really change the way we use the platforms. This week, Katie and the team are talking about all of the biggest changes coming to some of your favorite platforms. From new voice memo messaging on Instagram to sharing collections on Facebook, there’s a lot coming in 2019 that you need to be aware of.


Then, Adam is sharing his expertise on using Facebook groups for business marketing. Whether you’re promoting a product, service, or just your brand, Facebook groups are a great place to reach an engaged audience that might be interested in what you’re promoting. Adam is discussing his best tips for participating authentically in these groups, and Katie has a personal story to share about the success she’s experienced in groups first hand.


It’s always great when you get the chance to put a face to the name. It helps you feel more connected to the person you’re communicating with, even if you’ve never met face-to-face. The same thing applies to companies. Kim is discussing with this week’s panel some of the popular trends we’re expecting to see in 2019, and how you can use these tips to build a strong social media strategy for the New Year. From putting yourself out there as the “face” of your brand to putting your customer’s experience front and center, utilizing upcoming trends can be the first resolution you put into action January 1st.


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