Your Go-To Guide on Facebook’s Share a Photo or Video Post Option

Jan 2017
Source: @avekbaroc

Facebook just made it easier for you to connect with your customers to help achieve your desired results. The platform recently launched a new interface for you to take action on your page.

The options are:

  • Share a photo or video
  • Get people to learn more
  • Advertise your business
  • Get phone calls
  • Get messages
  • Help people find your business
  • Create an event
  • Create an offer
  • Write a note.

All of these options allow you to promote your business, but in this blog, we want to take a closer dive into photo and video sharing.

Once you’ve selected the photo icon, you see your options for posting visual content. You can:

  • Upload Photos/Video
  • Create Photo Album
  • Create a Photo Carousel
  • Create Slideshow
  • Create a Canvas


Choose it, upload it, and share it

If you have a picture, or many pictures to share, both Upload Photos/Video and Create a Photo Album will prompt you to do so, as they launch a file browser to upload your media. If you only have a small number of photos or videos to share, you’ll want to select the Upload Photos/Video icon. However, if you have a lot of photos, you will want to utilize the photo album. Make sure to accompany your photos or video with a descriptive caption that will engage your audience. Don’t forget to tag the location too.

Put your photos on a carousel ride

A Photo Carousel displays many photos from a URL of an external website. Facebook takes all the photos associated with that URL and populates them in sequential order. Just like that, a carousel is created. You can easily make any adjustments to reorganize, edit or upload additional images. This would be great to use to highlight your company’s products and increase the click through rate to your website.

Let your photos steal the show

Creating a slideshow offers you the creative ability to present your photos in a new, exciting way. Choose up to 10 photos that play in the sequence, and determine how long you want them to stay on the screen. Facebook provides five existing tracks for you to use with your slideshow, or if you have rights to other music, you can upload that instead.

Try Facebook’s new creative ad type

Canvas allows you to combine photos and videos to tell a story through a paid Facebook ad. Facebook calls it, “a full-screen experience that opens in mobile when people click on your ad.” People swipe through images, tilt their phones to see panoramic photos, and zoom in to get a closer look at images.

Use this feature to build credibility and to grab your potential customers’ attention. Not to mention, uploading your photos and videos in these different formats will keep your customers guessing what will come next!

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