The Social Media Audit

Jan 2017
Social Media Audit, Social Media Checklist
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The word audit can often incite panic-stricken thoughts of tax season and bank accounts, but did you know an audit could be an incredibly powerful social media tool? Don’t let the word intimidate you! Auditing your social media channels is an excellent way to assess how well your social strategy is working, shedding light on potential problem areas, and positioning your brand for success. You can learn a lot from examining how you manage (or don’t manage) your online brand.

Examine Your Social Media Channels

Do a complete review of each and every social media profile you have, not just the ones you use most. Did you create a YouTube channel years ago that you forgot existed? Is there an abandoned Twitter account out there somewhere? Ask yourself these questions: “Why are we using this platform?” “Why do we want to use it?” “Are our target markets using it?” If you no longer have a good reason to be using a platform, don’t be afraid to cut ties and focus your efforts in a more worthwhile space. Existing just for the sake of existing is not a good enough reason!

Check Your Branding

Once you’ve finalized your list of social channels, it’s time to ensure all your accounts are filled out completely with correct information and branding is consistent across all your channels. Your brand should be immediately recognizable across all profiles. When there is a disconnect between your social profiles, it’s confusing for users to determine if they are following the right company. Remember, branding is more than just graphics. Company information, voice, tone, usernames, etc. should also be consistent.

Define Your Audience

When you created your social strategy, you likely had a target audience in mind. However, your target audience is not necessarily the same audience that follows and engages with you. Instead of focusing on whom you want to target, focus on who’s actually following you and adjust your strategy accordingly.

While these steps don’t need to be done every day, you should be auditing your social presence every month. When you have a clear understanding of what is and is not working, you can set achievable goals and become a stronger, more successful brand.


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