Facebook Wants to Help You Get Paid!

Sep 2016

From products and payments to partnerships to grow the user’s experience, social media is evolving at a faster pace than ever. Facebook is now allowing you to take care of IOUs in a streamlined chat, Snapchat wants to shine in an area where Google failed, and YouTube is looking for some social media superheroes to make its platform a better place to binge watch. These are some of the trending social media stories in the news this week.




Facebook Introduces Chat Assist

Facebook, which brings people together for discussions, now wants


to help settle money transactions as well.

The Platform’s Messenger app introduced Chat Assist, which recognizes terminology like “IOU,” “you owe me,” or “send me” in a conversation between users.

Facebook released an example of a message where someone writes, “you owe me $18.”   The computer recognizes the money request and immediate initiates an option for payment.

You can use a debit or credit card to make the transaction.

Is this the next step before users could begin paying businesses for services or products? It’s very possible that this new AI could revolutionize e-commerce for small businesses.



Snapchat Eyes Sunglass Video


Snapchat is picking up where Google left off when it comes to eyewear that can record video.

The popular platform is coming with new sunglasses that can record ten seconds of video. Spectacles will cost $129 and the will enter the marketplace later this year.

You may remember Google’s attempt at introducing recording sunglasses with Google Glass, which sold for $1,500.   Google scrapped the plans after the general public, and beta testers gave the glasses mixed reviews.

According to Snapchat, Spectacles offer “the best way to make memories…hands-free, with the simple tap of a button.”


This wasn’t the only big news from Snapchat. The platform announced that it was rebranding as simply Snap. CEO Evan Spiegel told the Wall Street Journal that the name change was because the platform dropped the chat portion because it will explore other opportunities outside of chatting.

Currently, 150 million daily users use Snapchat. 

YouTube Enlists Heroes to Enhance User Experience

YouTube is enlisting the community to fight inappropriate content, as well as to bolster the user experience on the video-sharing platform.

Called YouTube Heroes, the new community will be made up volunteers who will help regulate the content, as well as add captions and subtitles.  Most importantly they will enhance the user experience by answering questions.

Volunteers will be able to earn different perks for the commitment, and YouTube outline the program in a special video.



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