Facebook Insights – What's New?

Dec 2011

Facebook metrics and insights are crucial to understanding how your fans are engaging with your page and content.  Having a better understanding of who we are reaching to on our brand pages allows us, our brand page’s administrators, to better tailor our marketing and communication plans to our fans and to potential fans. Facebook insights and consumer data carry tons of rich information, and now there are even more metrics and details to tell us about our demographic and reach.   So what’s new with the improved Facebook insights?

People Talking About Your Page: The number beneath your total number of fans on your page indicates the number of unique users who are talking about your page.  “Talking about” can refer to a fan liking your content, posting a comment on your wall, sharing one of your stories, “checking in” or even mentioning or tagging your page.

Page Friends of Fans: The number of people who are friends of the fans of your page (meaning, the potential direct reach you could have).

Page Weekly Total Reach: The total number of people (including fans, friends of fans, etc) who have seen content from your page anywhere else on Facebook.

Facebook Insights have also expanded to include metrics on each individual post, too:

Post Engaged Users: How many people clicked on your post for the first 28 days after it has been posted.

Post Virality: The unique number of people who are exposed to a post due to a user creating a story from the post (by either liking it, sharing it or commenting on it), and how likely it is to be shared to other people.

Post Reach: The number of unique impressions your post made for the first 28 days after it has been posted.

Post (Talking About This): How many people interacted with your post (shared, commented, “liked”, etc).  Every time someone engages with content on your page, it generates a “story”.

Have you checked out your page’s new Facebook insights yet? What are your favorite new features?


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