3 Tips for Using LinkedIn | LinkedIn for Business

Dec 2011

By default, LinkedIn is for business, right?  It’s the business social networking site; the front side of the mullet, the suit and tie, and the cubicle, so to speak.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t as cool as Facebook, or as sexy as YouTube, but does it have to be?

All I really care about is if it works.

So does it work?


But only if you use it!  How many people just ignore it!?  It is one of the most powerful, direct ways of using social media for business!

Don’t know how? Well, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Fill out your LinkedIn profile COMPLETELY!  When you look at your profile, there will be a percentage of profile completeness.  Click on the button to see what you still need to do in order to complete your profile.  It might be as simple as asking for 3 recommendations, or putting in an additional job you used to have.  Once it is complete, you will show up higher in search results within LinkedIn.  Not only that, but you will also show up higher in Google results as well!  Google your name, chances are, if you have a LinkedIn profile and it is filled out completely, that will be one of the first things that shows up.
  1. Connect with everyone you currently do business with, or have done business with.  Get your OFFLINE business network ONLINE. If you think that getting referral business is important, then this is the first step after you have completed your profile.  Once you are connected with your current network, you can move on to step three.
  2. Connect with people you want to do business with.  Have you been trying to get in front of someone, but can’t seem to make it happen?  Is there a business that could really use your help, but you can’t figure out who runs it?  Use the search function in LinkedIn and find the person you want to work with.  Chances are, someone in your network is connected to them already.  Now, you have someone who can introduce you, or even vouch for you.  Feeling bold?  Try connecting with them directly with a personal message.


The value is in the connections.  Using LinkedIn allows you to know who your network knows.  This can be so valuable if you utilize it properly.

This is only the tip of the iceberg!  There are so many other ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage.  If you take away one thing it’s this: use LinkedIn.

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