Facebook and YouTube Try to Protect Their Users While Pinterest Helps Advertisers

Dec 2019

In the news this week, you will learn how Facebook and YouTube are promoting the safety of their users and what Pinterest is working on for advertisers that use their platform.

Facebook Responds to October Open Letter

On Monday, Facebook created a response to the October Open Letter that they received from Barr global leaders. The letter was asking the platform to create a backdoor for governments to access message content on encrypted apps such as WhatsApp and Signal in order to promote better safety for the public. 

Facebook responded that they would not weaken their end-to-end encryption across its messaging apps even for the governments because their user’s private messages wouldn’t be as secure with weakened security. 

However, they did mention these platforms have AI and human moderation that can detect dangerous patterns and that they also would find another way to help law enforcement without weakening the encryption they have.

YouTube Reacts to Toxic Comments

YouTube updated its harassment policy to make its platform a safe space for its users. The platform has always removed inappropriate videos and comments that threatened someone, disclosed confidential personal information, harassed someone. 

However, they are now going further by removing implied threats and speech that is demeaning to different attributes of people. With continuous harassment violations, the channel can even be suspended from the YouTube Partner Program or even terminated if the act still continues. Additionally, they are giving their creators the ability to review comments that may be violating YouTube’s policy before it gets posted on their channel.

Some users felt that this was singling out creators and their right to free speech.  As a result, a lot of discussions took place on Twitter with the hashtag #YouTubeisOverParty.

Pinterest Gives Insights on Consumer Behavior

Although it is in beta testing, Pinterest is working on giving advertisers access to Pinterest Trends. 

Pinterest Trends is a tool that allows advertisers to see the top search terms in the U.S. in the past twelve months and how the terms are performing on Pinterest. With access to these trends, it helps advertisers create more relevant campaigns and allocate budgets based on the trends.

This tool will especially be important to businesses that sell products in order to know the best times to promote a product.


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