Is Instagram Right For Your Business?

Aug 2018

With 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks around. This app has the ability to drive sales and brand awareness through creative interactions. But there are a few things you should consider before launching your brand onto this platform.

Although Instagram is a very successful place for businesses to market to their users, it is not for everybody. It is important to recognize your brand’s personality and analyze what types of networks would be most useful in order to get the best results.


If you’re considering using Instagram to promote your business, keep these factors in mind:


The most crucial factor in deciding to make a business Instagram page is if your target market is using the app. Take the time to recognize if your current and potential consumer base is actively using this network. 

Get to know your audience, and ask yourself, what type of people are they? Now, what types of people are on Instagram? Understanding the demographics of your market and Instagram’s will give you a clear indication if you can utilize this app to your advantage.



Instagram is all about image, so it is vital to have pictures and videos that will attract your intended market. This platform is a light-hearted way to show users your products and services; so have fun with it! If you’re able to create memorable visuals that will capture your consumers’ attention, then Instagram is right for your brand.

Businesses with visual products and services (e.g., hair stylists, clothing brands, and gyms) have a better chance of posting intriguing content that consumers will want to engage in. Tell your brand’s story through content that will “wow” your audience.



A great way to know whether you should create an Instagram account for your business is if your competitors are doing so. Don’t let your business fall behind and miss out on all of the opportunity for brand exposure this network has to offer.

With so many businesses on Instagram, ensuring your company stands out from the rest is critical. Make sure to have a plan of action before setting up your account to avoid getting lost in the clutter of similar accounts.


Marketing your business through Instagram requires much dedicated time and effort. When executed correctly, you can build an engaging audience.


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