Communicating Your Atlanta Business’s COVID-19 Protocols

Jun 2020

It’s been over two months since Atlanta businesses began to either shut down completely or switch to remote operations due to COVID-19. However, in the last few weeks, we’ve seen many of these businesses start to reopen their doors with new safety measures in place to protect their consumers and staff. 


If you’re preparing to transition back to normal operations, there are a few things you should consider about how to communicate the precautions you are taking in your business.


Develop an internal messaging plan

The first and most important communication business owners should develop is their internal messaging. Have you developed a well-thought-out protocol for keeping your team safe in the office? Are you prepared to confidently explain your plan to them and answer any questions they may have? As the leader of your business, your team will be looking to you for assurance, direction, honesty, and a game plan for success. 


Keep in mind that some of your team members may be hesitant about returning to the office. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to make a greater effort to hear from each of your employees — their questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. Consider scheduling one-on-ones with each team member or opening a forum where they can communicate these things with you directly. This will build greater trust and confidence in your decision, and give you helpful insight into what your employees need.


Develop an external messaging plan

After you’ve communicated your business operation plans to your team, it’s time to figure out how to tell your target audience. People seem to be divided when it comes to supporting businesses reopening their locations, so it’s imperative for your messaging to state how you plan to stay in line with CDC guidelines and keep people safe while also delivering high-quality products and services.


Do you plan to limit the number of people in your office? Are you setting up sanitation stations? Will your team be required to wear masks? Will you be holding in-person client meetings? Are you implementing new cleaning procedures? 


The answers to all of these questions should be clearly laid out to give consumers the utmost confidence in your efforts to protect them. Put thought into wording this effectively while also keeping your brand voice.


Develop an online messaging plan

Once you’ve figured out what to say, it’s time to decide where to say it. Where is your target audience going to look for updates from your business — your website, social media, Google search, Yelp, a newsletter…? Dive deeper into your audience’s behavior and place your messaging accordingly. Use digital marketing tools to help with outbound messaging to your consumers, as well as having information available for inbound searches.




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