Bravo TV Is Killing The Social Media Game

Jun 2017

Bravo TV Is Killing The Social Media GameWhat does it take to master the social media game? Just ask Bravo TV! The powerhouse network is changing the way viewers consume television, taking what was once a passive activity and transforming it into a social affair through the use of social media. The result? A highly engaged and fiercely loyal fan base. When it comes to developing relationships between brand and consumer, Bravo has it figured out. Regardless if you’re a Real Housewives fan or not, there’s a lot you can learn from Bravo’s savvy social strategy.

A Cross-Channel Approach

Bravo does an incredible job of linking televised content to social media, from asking fans to send in questions to promoting hashtags in the bottom corner of the screen during a show to encourage conversation. On shows like Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen invites viewers to send in questions via Twitter and Facebook and fields them as they are sent in, making for an interactive viewing experience. Bravo’s website also features a Tweet Tracker, an app that lets visitors see real-time tweets about your favorite Bravo shows, characters, and more. Not only is this a unique way to drive website traffic, but it also gives users the chance to be featured on the Bravo website.

Direct Interaction

In addition to Bravo’s open line of communication with its viewers, the “Bravolebrities” also do an excellent job of interacting with their fans. From established stars like Bethanny Frankel to newcomers like Spyro Kemble, these individuals make it a point to interact with fans and for many of these shows, social media behavior contributes to the unfolding plot.

Why It Works

By creating an interactive experience, Bravo is giving their audience a way to participate in the conversation and have their voice heard. By prioritizing this interaction between brand and consumer, Bravo is proving that they value their audience’s thoughts and opinions. They aren’t just talking at fans – they’re listening, too. This two-way conversation is key to lowering the barrier between brand and consumer.

Two-way conversation is key to lowering the barrier between brand and consumer. Share on X

Your Turn

So how can your brand benefit from Bravo’s strategy? Find a way to break those existing barriers and make communication as two-sided as possible. Encourage participation and let your audience help shape your brand story.


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