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Jul 2018

Building a social media presence for your brand is a no-brainer these days. As of 2017, the average person spends two hours a day on social media. Additionally, it’s a free marketing platform, so why not? Though even with the many social media platforms available, businesses continue to struggle with providing insightful content, while giving their viewers a glimpse into the inner workings of the business. Instagram Stories is the perfect platform to give your brand a voice. Since its launch in late 2016, Instagram Stories has been very effective for businesses to offer an unvarnished, real-life look at what their brand is all about. Today, we’ll discuss some of our favorite ways we promote businesses through Instagram Stories.


Behind The Scenes Footage

Scrolling through the perfectly curated content on our feed is great, but the most exciting aspect of social media is being able to go behind the scenes. Whether your business is attending a popular convention, cooking up a new feature or product, or collaborating with a well-known name, give your viewers a first look on Instagram Stories. Viewers love in-the-moment content, especially when it offers valuable information and added visuals that complement regular Instagram posts.


Digital Focus Group

Within the Stories function, you’ll find fun tools to add into your posts. ‘Polls’ is one of our favorites, as it provides a platform for your followers’ voices to be heard. Stories is a great tool to get fast, real-time feedback from customers. In addition to gaining insight for your business, creating polls will make your followers feel valuable to your brand, thus resulting in loyal consumers. Get started with a simple poll and see the instant engagement.


Repost Stories

Like with regular Instagram posts, there are tons of great reasons to repost Instagram Stories. It’s always exciting when loyal consumers and influential names post about your brand. After all, more people talking about your brand, means more business! In addition to more brand exposure, reposting stories from other users gives your brand a sense of community. The more you repost, the more organic content you’ll start to see in your notifications. Give your consumers the attention they deserve. A simple repost can instantly convert a one-time buyer into a loyal customer.


Instagram Takeovers

If you have plans to partner with another brand or a well-known social personality, an Instagram Takeover is a great way to kick off the partnership. Not only will your consumers be excited to see a different perspective on your page, but you’ll also reach a whole new audience – your partner’s fan base. Work collaboratively with your partner – plan teasers of the big announcement or even set a place and time to meet for the big partnership reveal. There are many fun and unique ways to bring this strategy into action, as long as you and your partner understand each other’s brand and are a natural fit for one another.


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