How To Create Content For Social Media

Jul 2018

The root of all social media marketing is good content and there are many different types that can be created for different channels. Knowing how to source, create your own, and find user generated content is all a part of creating a solid brand image. Create and find the different types of content needed for your business using these tips.

User Generated Content

One of the easiest ways to create content is to use content that other people have created. If you have a business, chances are people are tagging your product on their own social channels.  It might take some time to search through the tagged images, depending on the size of your company, and to only select good quality images that match the aesthetic of your page. If you don’t already have tagged images of your product or business, you can create UGC by holding a giveaway for fans to submit images to win a service or product. This way you are creating content while also engaging with your customers or clients.

Stock Imagery

While we don’t always encourage using stock photos, sometimes it’s your only option for starting out as a small business. There are tons of great websites that you can utilize for free imagery including Unsplash and Pixabay. Both provide thousands of free images from photographers. It’s as simple as searching for keywords and downloading the image directly. These also don’t require you to credit the image.

Original Content

Creating your own content is going to do the most for your brand and it doesn’t take much. If you don’t have a camera, iPhones can do the job to get you started. You can get creative and create small lifestyle photos to promote your product or just start taking pictures behind the scenes at your company. Your images will vary depending on your business. Another great form of content is to create original graphics. Using a tool like Canva to add your logo or promotions to an image is another easy way to boost your brand.   

Using all three of these techniques will help build your brand. Practice makes perfect, but don’t sweat the small stuff. For more social media help, stay connected on the Katie Wagner Social Media Facebook page for daily blog posts.

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