Bone Up on Blogging Basics for Your San Diego Business This Halloween

Oct 2020

Halloween will look a little different in California this year, with the local government in San Diego County recommending one-way trick or treating as an alternative to traditional Halloween activities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But never fear- your business can still bring the spooky spirit to your audience by producing scary good content. If you want to write bewitching blogs, check out our top 4 tips on the blogging basics for your San Diego business this Halloween! 



Trick or Treat? No One Likes Clickbait.

Creating the perfect blog title isn’t always easy. You need a title that conveys the blog content accurately, contains SEO value, and has eye-catching, scroll-stopping power. 

Enter clickbait: headlines that use enticements that don’t accurately reflect the information being delivered to the audience after they click the title. Clickbait is a form of dishonesty, and this kind of trickery will only turn an audience against you or cause immediate bounces, which are of no help to you or your business. Tell the audience exactly what the blog is about in the title, and be creative! Try exploring different literary devices like alliteration, wordplay, puns, or rhymes to spice up a title without compromising its integrity.



Start With a Strong Skeleton.

Once you have your blog’s title, it’s time to build a skeleton, or outline, of the major points you would like to convey ?. In many cases, the internal employee writing blogs at your company doesn’t have a formal background in creative writing or journalism, and beginner bloggers typically find simply starting to be the most difficult part of blogging. By constructing a solid skeleton before you begin writing, you can solidify the flow of your blog from point to point and fill in content and transitions from there.



Write Ghoulishly Great Content.

Good content is paramount to establishing yourself as a subject matter expert and capturing your audience’s interest and trust. But what really separates good content from great content? 

Brewing up the perfect content concoction involves a mixture of ingredients, but the most important one is ensuring your content provides your audience with something valuable. Does your content answer a question, address a pain point, provide a how-to guide, or serve your readers in some other way? When content marketing is done correctly, it helps your audience, engages them, and builds thought leadership and credibility,

Pro-tip: don’t get too sucked into SEO optimization, keywords, or the algorithm ?. Instead, allow your audience’s wants and needs to guide your content choices and then work in SEO best-practices.



Don’t Be a Ghost After You Post.

Once your blog is posted, you can’t disappear! Stick around to monitor comments, engagement, and the analytics associated with your blog post. If you’re linking to your blog on social media, keep track of the performance of those social media posts so you can gauge what your audience is or isn’t interacting with.

And if you want to gain more insight into your audience’s behavior patterns so you can optimize content for the future, you don’t need a crystal ball: take your analytics up a notch by utilizing UTM tracking and Google Analytics.


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