Best Practices For Email Marketing In 2020

Dec 2019

Every email your business sends out is meant to be opened. Just like social media, email marketing tactics that worked a few years ago may not be as successful now. 

The ever-evolving landscape of the digital world does not wait for anyone. As we head into a new decade, it’s important to stay relevant with your email marketing efforts to keep your audience engaged and to drive action. 



Here are the most powerful tools to use in your email marketing next year:


Make It Personal

While personalization isn’t necessarily a new tactic, it is something that is becoming more valuable over time. Blast emails aren’t going to result in high conversion or engagement rates. People understand how saturated the online world can be, and they are looking for something real and genuine. Your brand needs to show your audience that you understand them. 


Create Captivating Subject Lines 

Subject lines can make or break the effectiveness of your email. With a flood of new emails every day, your readers can easily ignore and delete your email simply because the subject line does not intrigue them. MailChimp conducted a study that found that short, descriptive subject lines best entice readers. Subject lines must include words that suggest urgency, ask a question, or challenge a common belief. 


Format For The Masses

Sending emails that are compatible for all devices is not just nice to have, it is a must-have. Every electronic device is a different size, and your emails must look right on all formats. From the length of your pre-header to the size of your images, every aspect of your design needs to be well thought out. 


Keep Your Content Concise 

Our digital world is flooded with thousands of pieces of new content every day, which makes it increasingly harder for businesses to capture their audience’s attention. With so many businesses competing for the same spot, your message needs to be clear and to the point. There is no room for fluff. Place your Call-To-Action early on. 


Provide Real Value  

In order to drive action, your brand must give your audience a reason to respond. Your brand’s emails should include content that tells a compelling story, pulls readers in, and provides meaningful insights, entertainment, or a new perspective they haven’t encountered before. Ask yourself, what will my audience get out of this email? To get value out of your audience, you need to give value first. 


A successful email marketing strategy is constantly adjusting, adapting, and advancing with society and technology. 


72% of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication.

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