KWSM Helps Coerver Coaches get the Social Media Soccer Ball Rolling

Dec 2019

This month, President of KWSM Katie Wagner and some of our KWSM team members visited Vanguard University for The National Conference for Coerver Coaching. Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method, with over one million players, parents, and coaches in 47 countries over the last 35 years. These coaches came from all over the world to learn about how they could grow as soccer coaches and as business owners.


Katie had the opportunity to speak to this diverse group of coaches about how to start successfully marketing their business on social media. She taught them how to get from their penthouse of great post ideas down to the ground level, where their social media success translates to a thriving business on the field- this analogy was shared by a participating Coerver Coach and KWSM Believer during the presentation! 


Katie provided some awesome takeaways that summed up her presentation, and we’re going to share them with you, too!

Have a Plan

Don’t just ad-lib! Successful social media content takes preparation. Make sure you have a content strategy that is unique to your brand. Stay organized, and most of all, consistent! 

Become a Resource

Your social media channels are a place for you to show off your expertise! Share your knowledge about your industry, and be the number one resource. Building credibility creates long-term fans and relationships with your audience. 

Engage With Others

Listen to your audience and respond accordingly. Comments on social media posts are a great way to make friends with the Facebook algorithm, as well as gain your followers’ respect and trust. Your goal should be to stay active and present as much as possible!

Stay the Course

It’s okay to start smaller and do one thing well. If you don’t have time to create and maintain a presence on multiple channels, stick to just one or two channels that you feel confident will help give your brand a voice. You’ll find it easier to create a long-term strategy and set specific goals and expectations! A small, strong presence is better than an inconsistent one. 


If you’d like to learn more about how to create engaging content, read about how you can improve your writing here. You can also tune in to our Facebook Live every Tuesday for the latest on social media news and tips from our team at KWSM! 


Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

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