Best Places in Orange County to Create Social Media Content

Sep 2021

From miles of sandy beaches to stunning hiking spots with beautiful views, there is no shortage of places in Orange County for you to capture social media content, whether it be for your business or your own personal account. 

If you want to keep your audience engaged, making your content fun and aesthetically pleasing is a great way to do it. It’s also a great way to share your involvement in your community with your followers. The beautiful Orange County landscape has plenty to offer and is a great tool for local businesses to harness. Keep on reading for some tips on the best places to visit for unique content from an established Orange County agency. 

The CAMP Costa Mesa 


The CAMP is an eco-friendly retail campus designed to promote a healthy lifestyle that is also mindful of the environment. Not only will you find an endless amount of fun spots for a photo op, but you’ll also run into delicious bites and trendy goods. 

Crystal Cove State Park 


Located in stunning Laguna Beach, CA, Crystal Cove State Park boasts panoramic ocean views and beautiful beach coves. Take an escape from the bustle of the cities with a scenic hiking trail that boasts beautiful wildflowers and an array of wildlife. 

The LAB Anti-Mall 


Located in the heart of Orange County’s suburbia lies The LAB, which stands for “Little America Business.” This creative space was built as a hangout spot complete with dining, art installations, shopping, and maker markets. Unique design and industrial elements make this a great spot to capture a photo. 

Carbon Canyon Regional Park 


If you are looking to connect with nature, Carbon Canyon Regional Park boasts beautiful redwood trees, some as tall as 100 feet. Take a brief stroll along the one-mile-long nature trail if you want to capture some great images. 

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