How to Inspire Creative Content

As a business owner, your digital content is your main connection with many of your customers and clients. Your social media posts and blog posts serve as the first impression for most of your audience. With this in mind, you are highly focused on outputting dozens of pieces of content at a rapid rate. But when you get to the keyboard, your mind is blank. This is a common stumbling block for many business owners. Here are some ways that you can spark your creativity and feel confident producing valuable content.

Keep a Notebook

Coming up with ingenious ideas for social media and blogs on the spot can be daunting – especially for those that need to simmer on ideas. The best way to prepare for developing creative content is by jotting down ideas long before you sit down to write. From experience, I feel most inspired when I’m far away from my keyboard. Staring at screens mulling over my thoughts over and over can make my writing feel stagnant. To get my brain firing on all cylinders, I take walks, look at others advertisements, or just get active. That’s why I always carry around a notebook or keep a digital sticky to capture those ideas as they come. Usually, the best ideas present themselves when your mind is far away from daily work tasks.

Look at the Calendar

When you have a deadline and you’re stuck on what to write, look at timely opportunities. Official and unofficial holiday calendars are great resources for inspiring creative content. There are many holiday staples your business may already participate in, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, but there are dozens more seasons and holidays you can celebrate in your social media content. Silly holidays like national PI day have helped me create the most unique content. I had great responses from blogs and content with headlines like 3.14 Ways To Use Our Services or 3 Tips to Make Your Content 14x Better. You can channel this same creativity in your writing.

Are there certain times of year that are most popular for your industry? Which seasons most impact your clients and the services you provide? Identify a handful of these options and sprinkle them throughout your content. 

Highlight Your Wins

Get inspired to create the most unique posts by looking at your personal wins. Do you have any new testimonials or success stories? Share this in your content! Just one quote can help you create multiple pieces of engaging content. Post a photo with a customer or partner quote on your social channels. Create a case study blog post that highlights your victory. Consider even capturing video testimonials virtually using tools like Zoom and share that interview on all of your channels. 

Write What Competitors Won’t

Establishing yourself as an industry leader through your content marketing can involve taking risks. This involves going where your competitors won’t. Perhaps your competitors are focused more on selling than telling who they are. This is where your business can shine. Think about what makes you different and find a way to tell your story authentically. Maybe they also shy away from controversial industry news or social media trends? Your business has the opportunity here to start the conversation and provide your audience real value.

Writer’s block is common for many people. It usually stems from a lack of inspiration, not a lack of knowledge. These ideas will help get your creative juices flowing and help you produce engaging content that gets you results.

megaphoneContent production is the biggest challenge for 44% of business owners.

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