Social Media and The Beauty Industry: What Type Of Content To Post

Oct 2018

As 2018 wraps up and we all begin preparing for the new year, it is important to analyze your social media strategy. The new year is a great time to tie up loose ends and create a fresh start for your online marketing plan.

It is evident that every type of business should be active on social media; however, some companies simply need it more than others. One industry that is very much the rage on social media is the beauty industry. From YouTube to Instagram to Pinterest, the beauty industry has all of the platforms plastered with content.

Although this seems inspiring for up-and-coming beauty vloggers, this is actually a growing challenge for companies who have not yet established a solid social media presence.

The beauty industry has a lot of room to experiment with voice, personality, and image. For some, this can make creating content even more difficult.


Here are the best types of content to post in the industry of beauty:



In our fast-paced online world, our audiences are looking for quick tips and tricks for their favorite products. All businesses in the beauty world can benefit from posting tutorials because it offers the audience an immediate opportunity for self-improvement. Teaching your audience how to use your products or giving them tips on how to best use them adds value to your content. Showing off your products in action gives your audience something to engage with and act on. Providing valuable content is necessary, and tutorials do it best.


User-Generated Content

It is no mystery why most beauty brands have their social media feed filled with content that was created by their audience. The best type of content is one that you didn’t need to make yourself. When your audience speaks about your brand on your behalf, take advantage! User-generated content is great for the beauty world because these audiences are vastly broad. In a sea of Instagram posts, having unique types of content that all of your audience can relate to is crucial to catch their eye.


Contests and Giveaways

When it comes to the success of social media contests, the proof lies all in the beauty industry. This type of content provides your audience with a reason to keep coming back to your page, creating loyalty. Having giveaways or contests that require your audience to take action (such as tagging a friend or commenting on the post) opens the doors to more exposure. It is easy to connect with people who are familiar with your brand, but engaging with new audiences can be more challenging. Although this content is typically one-time action based, having this type of content will bring in new eyes that can transform to devoted customers.


Online, beauty is everywhere. Building your brand’s online presence is cutthroat in this type of industry, but with the right type of content, social media can be extremely rewarding.



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