The Value Of Custom Content Creation

Oct 2018

Custom Content

As newsfeeds fill with a continually growing volume of content, attention spans for your audiences are getting shorter. A post that may have garnered a lot of attention five years ago may have trouble gaining traction in today’s environment. While there’s a lot of scientific data that goes behind the algorithms which apply to each of your posts, at the core of it all is one question: Are you creating your own custom content? In the end, the way businesses answer this question has a strong correlation with their success – and failure – across social media.


Here are two reasons why your team should answer yes:

Brand Credibility

Whether it’s just a photo from your recent company party, or a professionally staged shoot of your products, custom content creation lends your brand an added level of credibility. When measuring ads, one metric that’s often used is an “Impression.” There’s a reason why it’s earned that name. It is counted as any time someone has seen your content. Just like in face-to-face interactions, these impressions matter.

People want to know that you are a real company that is deserving of their money. This starts and ends with the perception you give off to the public. If users only see photos that they could easily copy from the Internet and post themselves, you’re not making a compelling argument.



Regardless of the size of your organization, or the scope of your services, social media is about facilitating discussion and telling your story. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. They don’t want to be talked at… But rather, spoken to. If your posts don’t provide a sense of community, you’ll be less likely to have engagement on social media.

This marketing channel has a much different set of rules and expectations compared to a traditional method like sending out informational mailers or posting billboards. On social, people are looking to connect. They want to hear about that banana bread your Salvadoran grandmother brought into the office, or “aww” over your dog falling asleep in the office chair. These are the things that make your business unique.



If posting on social media was all about finding stock photos on the web, you’d be hard pressed to be able to make a strong purchase proposition to your consumers. You want to find people on the web who can identify with your story, because chances are, they’ll be more likely to buy your products too.



Adding Images To Facebook Posts Increases Engagement 2.3x


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