Why Reddit's CEO Got Sick of r/Atheism and r/Politics

Jul 2013

The world of social media is always renewing itself in some way or another. With frequent updates and resurfacing content, it can be hard to keep up with on a daily basis.  It’s important to stay informed of the curent issues and trends so that your social media presence stays relevant. Using social media is one thing, but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news!



Money was reportedly not a factor in Reddit’s decision to remove the contentious r/Politics and the r/Atheism forums from the site’s homepage.

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong took to Reddit’s r/TheoryofReddit Wednesday to address concerns that the company removed both as default subreddits—forums that all non-logged-in users see when they visit the site—to make its front page more appealing to advertisers. For more on this story, click here!

Vacation-TentInternet users are suffering from social media overload from sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now, the majority of online users are looking for a social media vacation, new research shows.A study by the online organization hub MyLife.com reveals that online users are becoming overwhelmed by the increasing number of social networks and email accounts they manage, and more than 50% of the online users surveyed have either taken or have considered taking a “vacation” from social networking in the past year. Click here  to read more!


If you’ve been thinking about killing yourself, your social media might give you away. An initiative called the Durkheim Project will use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify common words and phrases among those who might be contemplating suicide.The program, which launched on July 2, currently targets only veterans, who have disproportionately high suicide rates. Veterans opt into the Durkheim Project, which installs an app on computers, iOS and Android devices. These apps keep track of what users post and upload it to a medical database. A medical AI monitors the data in real time, picking out patterns that might lead to self-harm. More on this story here.

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