Agility: The Secret to Marketing Survival in a Fast-Changing World

Jul 2020

marketing survival secret agilityThe state of the world can shift in the blink of an eye, and this year has been a prime example. In such a fast-paced, digitally-focused world, it can be easy for your marketing efforts to fall behind the curve. The secret to marketing survival? Agility. In the past, big companies with long-standing marketing strategies held the power. Today, that is not the case. To truly succeed in today’s marketing climate, your team needs to be quick on their feet and able to easily adapt to the changing environment. Here are a few characteristics of agile marketing teams.

Customer-Focused Strategy

In any marketing strategy, the customer should come first. Most companies nail this in their initial strategy, but as they begin implementation, often the customer is forgotten and marketers get bogged down in small brand details like messaging, imagery, or brand consistency. Inherently, a customer-focused strategy is a fluid strategy – marketers who truly embrace the customer-first mentality make constant changes to adapt their marketing plans to fit what their audience wants at that moment. When there are major shifts in the market, marketing strategies that focus on the customer’s needs rather than the company’s benefit are the ones that produce results.

Data-Driven Decisions 

Using data to drive marketing decisions is not a new concept. However, just because companies know about it does not mean they use it correctly. To effectively use data to drive changes in your marketing execution, you need to understand what the data means from the perspective of your audience. Is the session duration particularly low on your product page? Your consumers may be price-sensitive or dislike the imagery you chose for each item. Is your bounce rate high from social traffic? Your presence on those platforms may be significantly better than the quality of your website. Understanding what data points indicate for your audience is the best way to make data-driven marketing decisions. Being able to quickly identify which metrics matter the most is vital to being agile in your marketing.

Innovation is Key

To be an agile marketer, innovation is important. Companies who think their established marketing tactics work and don’t put effort into research and development of new strategies are the ones who get left behind. Agile marketing requires the ability to quickly uproot your current marketing strategy and redirect it to pursue a new position.


The bottom line? Don’t get too comfortable. Comfortable marketing may feel safe, but in a fast-paced world, it may be the biggest risk you can take. 


72% of marketers worldwide believe relevant content creation is the most effective marketing tactic. 


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