In the News: Snapchat, Facebook and LinkedIn Test New Options to Help Businesses Better Engage With Their Target Audience

Jul 2020

In the current climate, it seems as if the whole world has gone online! Not only are businesses working to step up their digital marketing game, but the online platforms have responded – rushing to roll out new tools that help marketers succeed.In the News: Snapchat, Facebook and LinkedIn Test New Options to Help Businesses Better Engage With Their Target Audience

Snapchat Tests Brand Profiles

Snapchat announced a new closed beta launch of brand profiles, which is an outlet for brands to connect with Snapchatters in-app.

The four components of brand profiles are:

  • Branded AR Lenses – Brands will be able to save and display any Lenses they’ve created on their profile.
  • Highlights – Highlights will showcase the brand’s collections of their best public Snaps, Stories, photos, and videos on their profile. This feature gives users the ability to get to know your brand better.
  • Story posts – Brands are also able to share their own public Story on their brand profile.
  • Native Store – Provides brands with an optional Store experience, which will encourage Snapchatters to browse and purchase items directly within the app.

Facebook Tests New Image Presentation Options

Facebook has been testing a new set of image presentation options for posts, with preset display formats for multi-image uploads, enabling more ways to showcase your visuals. The new options appear at the bottom of the post composer, giving you four different image display formats to choose from. Users in different regions are now reporting access to the option, so it seems that it may be rolled out to everyone sometime soon.

LinkedIn Adds Options to the Post Composer

LinkedIn is working on adding more options to their post composer to help guide users when creating posts. Most users are now seeing six different custom post creation options at the bottom of their LinkedIn composer: celebrate an occasion, find an expert, share a profile, add a job, create a poll, and offer help.


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