You’re Invited! | Social Media Help Desk Episode 45

Feb 2019

This week on the Social Media Help Desk, we’re talking connections! From Facebook event invitations to a thoughtful contact form at the event of your site, you’re always looking to make a connection with your audience through digital marketing. Our panel host, Operations Manager, Stephen Wagner, is sitting down with Project Manager, Alexandra Hall, and Content Editor, Layla Lameijer, to discuss how to build a contact form that is more likely to convert and how to use Facebook events to connect with more people online. This and a whole lot more on this week’s KWSMSocial Media Help Desk.


Layla is kicking things off by walking the panel through her experiences building contact forms. Contact forms are one of the most useful tools for opening communication with potential clients, but the way you create the form has a lot to do with whether people take the next step to fill it out. The panel is discussing the best strategies for this, and how to determine what information you should ask for in the form.


Alexandra is up next and she is talking all things Facebook events. Alexandra is answering the question, “Can I still use Facebook events if my company doesn’t put on events?” The answer is: of course you can! Facebook events are incredibly versatile and can help you promote many different aspects of your business. Alexandra is discussing some of the ways you might want to incorporate Facebook events into your next social media campaign.


Stephen is wrapping up this week’s episode by rounding up all of the week’s top social media stories. A big merger between Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Whats App could be changing the way you communicate with your online connections. Stephen and the panel are discussing the coming changes, Instagram’s new Instagram stories feature, and more of the top stories.


The Social Media Help Desk is live every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. PST. If you have any questions from this week’s episode of the Social Media Help Desk, send us a message! We’d love to help.


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