5 Tips to Write the Best Twitter About Section

Jan 2020

KWSM Twitter BioTwitter is all about personality. The best Twitter bios are original and unique. Some businesses choose to throw their 160 character elevator speech up top. Others add in a few emojis. Whether your brand’s voice is serious or playful, your Twitter bio is the place to be true to who you are.


To help you create your perfect paragraph, take a look at these five tips.


Set the mood

Give users a glimpse of what you do. This can be a small list of your services, issues you are passionate about, important qualities of your culture, or a simple description of what people can expect to see in your tweets.


Give yourself some space

Twitter bios allow a maximum of 160 characters. This includes punctuation, spaces, and emojis. Make the most of every character. This is your opportunity to catch a curious user’s eye and turn them into a follower and potential customer. According to a study shared by Hootsuite, longer bios result in more supporters. So use as much space as you need to share who you are.


Humbly brag

Received some high-praise from a well-known organization? Share it! Awards and recognitions help users identify your social importance, especially if you aren’t well known yet. Try not to share everything, though. Start with one of your biggest accomplishments and see how it fits into your overall summary.


Start a trend

Does your company have a brand or campaign hashtag? Put it in your bio! Users can easily search or follow your story through hashtags. Be tasteful and tactful about the hashtag’s placement. Too many hashtags can also result in a loss of followers. Try to limit your bio to one hashtag.


Speak their language

Did you know that your Twitter bio is searchable? Users can easily find you if you know what they’re looking for. Include relevant keywords in your bio to help your future fans become lifelong supporters.

Writing the perfect bio is all about being authentic. It can be tempting to dream about being the Wendy’s of twitter, but your fans want to see the real you. Whether your bio is one emoji or a paragraph of words, make sure it’s unique to your brand.


Twitter has 145 million active users engaging with their platform daily.

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