5 Tips on Tracking Your Digital Marketing Metrics

May 2021

You already know that tracking your business goals is the key to success. But are you also tracking your digital marketing metrics? It’s crucial to track the progress of your marketing efforts on a regular basis. It gives you clear insight into whether you’re reaching your target audiences and whether your tactics are working the way they should. If they aren’t, it allows you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you’re back on track. 

Find out what tools you should have in place to begin tracking the right information. 


Are you tracking your website analytics? (ie: Google Analytics)

Since your website is the main hub for your marketing initiatives, we recommend tracking all your website analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool that makes it easy to track key performance indicators over time. Check out these 5 introductory steps to get your Google Analytics installed. 


Do you have an active pixel that links your social media channels to your website?

In order to get the most out of your website analytics, we recommend linking to all your social media channels using “pixels.” These pieces of code connect two platforms and allow them to data share. If you are investing in Facebook Ads, this pixel can actually refine your target audience to include more people who are likely to convert. Find out how to use pixels by taking a deep dive into Facebook Ads.


Do you track conversions on your website? (ie: when the contact form is filled out)

If you have decided to use Google Analytics, it is easy to set up goal tracking. Goal tracking makes it possible to find out the steps your website visitor took before filling out your contact form. This information can help inform your overall strategy and provide you with important data to improve your activities month over month. 


Do you have a monthly report to track your progress across all your digital marketing efforts?

Writing a monthly report serves as an accountability tool for your projects and results. There are several types of KPIs you can track, depending on your key objectives. Check out some of the most common marketing KPIs.


Do you track your return on investment per platform to know what is working and not working?

Tracking your return on investment becomes especially important if you are running digital marketing ad campaigns. You can make it easy for your team to see which channels and campaigns generated or assisted with a sale by setting up the appropriate tracking systems. 


In today’s landscape, it is crucial that you have the correct digital marketing infrastructure set up to produce optimal results for your business. 

Looking to identify gaps in your digital marketing infrastructure? 

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