5 Steps to Set up Your Twitter

Dec 2013
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Twitter is a useful channel to instantly engage with your followers. Just 140 characters can bring you closer to the people and topics you care about. Here are the five things you need to do to set up your Twitter account properly:

1. Choose a Handle

Your Twitter handle is the name you’ll use on Twitter (also known as your @name). If possible, you want this name to be as close to you / your company’s name as it can be. Though, if it is not available or your company name is too long, look for ways to abbreviate it by using initials.  For instance, our Twitter handle is @KWSMTeam as opposed to spelling out the entire name of our company, Katie Wagner Social Media. You want your handle to resonate with your brand. Be sure to keep your handle short and memorable so it doesn’t take up too much of Twitter’s 140-character limit and people can remember it.

2. Add a Profile Photo

It’s important to add a photo of an actual person for your profile photo so people can connect with you on a personal level. Don’t use your logo or a cartoon picture, and definitely not the default egg image. Typically, when someone sees a logo in their feed they automatically think it’s promotional or spam. However, when they see a person’s face, they feel there’s a personality behind the brand and want to see what that person/company has to say. Although, it is important to note that not all companies can have a person’s face as their profile photo. Brands like Disney or Starbucks can use their logos because people have an emotional attachment to those images. Also, many companies have lots of employees and using one face wouldn’t really work. In those cases it is suitable to use a logo. Use a face if at all possible – but when it doesn’t make sense, it’s OK to use a logo. KWSM chose to use our logo since Katie’s personal Twitter already has her face and we don’t want to confuse the two. Your profile picture is displayed every time you post a tweet so you want to differentiate your tweets from everybody else’s.

3. Write a Bio

You have 160 characters to tell everyone what you do, why you do it, and what interests you – so use them all. Make it interesting and sociable to people can make a connection with you. Use this so people can make a connection with you. Your Twitter bio will either make or break a potential follower. You want this section to be as detailed as possible so other users can easily find you. For more help on how to craft a compelling Twitter bio, check out our previous blog post here.

4. Include a Location/Website

Make sure to include your location so people can find you easily. There’s also a space to add your website on your profile. Use this even if you don’t have a website. Instead, you could link it to your blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, or anywhere online so people can find out more about you. And they do click on it so you’ll want to add something there.

5. Change the Background/ Header Image

Add a header photo (the photo that appears behind your profile photo) that represents you / your company. It could be a photo of your work or a general snapshot that describes what it is you do. This will allow users to get to know you better. Also, include a background image on your profile. You can access this feature by going to your settings and clicking the design tab on the left. You can customize your background by uploading an image, choosing from a pre-made theme or choosing a solid color. Keep in mind you want these images and/or colors to represent you / your company accurately. Branding is important to keep consistent on all channels.

Now that you have your Twitter account all set up, do you know what to do from here? Check out the Twitter category on our blog for more information!

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